Woodchester MansionUnderline

Woodchester Mansion is an architectural masterpiece of the Victorian age abandoned by its builders before it could be completed. It has been virtually untouched by time since the mid-1870s, and today offers a unique opportunity to tour and explore a Gothic building in mid-assembly.

There are many local legends associated with Woodchester Park and its famous house. Most of these stories have not been recorded in detail but one has recently surfaced which has even captured the imagination of Hollywood, that of an angel which haunts the fifth lake. Some of the other documented hauntings include: a Roman centurion who patrols the gate on the south road, a ragged dwarf, a headless horseman, a floating coffin, a Black Dog which was a death portent and most frequently, a spectral figure which has come to be regarded as the man in his night-shirt who was unfortunately savaged by his own dogs. It’s possible that this and the ‘angel’ were one and the same.


For more information about Woodchester Mansion and its ghosts - have a look at their website: Woodchester Mansion website >

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