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Psychic Suppers

These safe, controlled events, for small groups of people, are designed to dispel fears about the spirit world and allow you to make up your own mind. Sensitively handled and organised in a responsible and factual manner, Psychic Suppers act as a fascinating introduction to another dimension. Here, one of our talented mediums will attempt to make contact with the other side and provide messages from loved ones.

Your evening will begin with an introduction from our psychic explaining how they became a psychic, and experiences they have had through their life. They will give you a better understanding of how they work with spirit, and how you can develop your own psychic ability. After a short break our psychic will attempt to link in with the other side and relay messages on to you and your guests. The evening will last approx 2 hours, (excluding breaks). Make sure you have a quiet area for you and your guests for the evening as some people may prefer to speak to the psychic privately.

Psychic Suppers are held at one of our comfortable and intimate Portsmouth venues or, alternatively, at your own home.

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Please note: Dark Encounter's cannot be held responsible for any actions taken in result of information given by our mediums and psychics during investigations and psychic suppers.