A new exciting location for Dark Encounters Hidden away in beneath Kingsford Country Park near Kinver in Staffordshire, these terrifying tunnels are 3.5 miles long, and have served as a bunker for World War II, and as a Nuclear bunker during the Cold War. Not for the feint-hearted these tunnels are dark, damp and creepy as... if you are looking for something different this location is it!

The eerie tunnels are believed to be extremely haunted by a number of ghosts, including the workmen that died. Many ghostly experiences have been encountered in the tunnels, people have been grabbed in the dark, apparitions caught on camera and heavy footsteps are just some of the things witnessed . What will uncover here?

Join the Dark Encounters Team as we open the casebook on this very exciting location.

Location Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK

Paranormal Map