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Ghost Walks


Tread in the footsteps of Portsmouth’s unseen residents...

Fearfully follow our knowledgeable Guide through the streets of Portsmouth as they take you back in history, uncovering sinister secrets on every corner. If you have an appetite for the unexplored, or wish to tread in the footsteps of the city’s most notorious one-time residents, this is for you.

We bring history to life with night-time ghost tours around the Portsmouth area, using costumed tourist guides and actors.


Portsmouth Dockyard Walk

Something creepy has been lurking in the shadows of the Dockyard recently. Our newdockyard walk recreats life in the Georgian Navy, the home of the British Navy and home to many of the pivotal moments in our maritime history. Starting from a drink-sodden Gin House outside Action Stations you will find yourselves as new recruits of the Royal Navy and the ghostly characters you meet along the route will soon show you that life was not as easy as today.  Full of maritime folklore and ghost stories you will learn how many of the naval superstitions have to led to theatrical ones like not whistling on stage. With equal mix of humour and scares the ending is designed to leave a definite chill as you find yourself in the twilight surroundings of the magnificent Dockyard buildings.

City Of Vice - Spice Island Walk

Possibly the most haunted city on the South Coast, Portsmouth has a dark history of murder, mayhem, plotting and politics. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the old quarter of the city - a place known as Spice Island.

The tour brings to life drink-sodden sailors staggering through crooked alleyways searching the pleasure of 'respectable' ladies of the night.

From the first terrorists to the murder of nobility, the dark streets of Old Portsmouth are witness to it all. Stick close to your guides as they take you deep into the 900 years of maritime history.

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The tour will occur whatever the weather - so please bring suitable clothing. (Sometimes we may have to cancel an event for health & safety reasons so please ensure that you have left a contact number when booking). Places are limited so it is essential that you book your place.

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